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Actress Sam Garland leans against a red brick wall with her hands under her chin clutching her blue jean jacket

Sam is a (formerly Brooklyn-based; currently everywhere-based) actor, writer, and producer. She specializes in fast-talking, wise cracking snark and goofy, lovable underdogs. After performing in and producing theater Off-Off-Broadway, she started writing and creating in film and television. 


Her short Ella at the Library was invited to join the online curated film catalog for the Art of Brooklyn’s Film Festival, and her feature Love Magick premieres this February on Amazon. 


She is currently turning her irreverent webseries Life Coach, Hot Mess, into a comedy TV pilot, and developing a dramedy around the Japanese business of renting out fake family members for important public functions like weddings and job interviews. Her writing centers stories of trauma and healing, particularly in family systems.

Sam’s podcast Be Your Own Damn Muse, about creativity and mental health, inspiration and aspirations, has over 1,000 downloads. She helps run the women’s film collective, FilmmakeHers, and has been a guest speaker with several arts organizations, including FilmShop and Screenwriting Pagecraft.

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