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More in the Flow of Achieving my Goals

Choosing to work with Sam Garland as a coach is one of the best decisions I've made as a freelancer and filmmaker.  Since engaging Sam, I'm more in the flow of achieving my goals.  On a daily basis, my work is more organized, which allows me to feel less overwhelmed; my focus and concentration are sharper, my desk less cluttered;  I instituted daily health and exercise practices; a daily writing practice, and, with her guidance, I ran a successful outreach campaign for a film I produced, expanding my computer and social media skills along the way.  And, from our first session onwards, Sam has taught me about budgeting for both time and money, which just allowed me to take a 10-day vacation, with ease and a sense of relaxation.  Sam works quickly and wholeheartedly--adding her unique brand of fun, humor and wit--which has made our sessions not only productive but a sheer delight. I recommend Sam highly.


Wendy Sax - producer (Particle Fever, Songcatcher, Ask Alice)

Putting ideas into action

I love working with Sam! She has a huge knowledge in how the business of being an artist works, and as one herself, she shares much of what worked and didn't work for her. As someone who is clueless about the business of being an actor, Sam supported me through getting ideas I've had for years into real and measurable actions. Since starting working with her I have been working on my one-woman show; reached out to managers, casting directors and directors; and started building a creative environment that I can grow and develop in. And that's only the beginning!! 

Yael Grinberg ~ actor / writer / producer

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Launching my high-impact business

Sam is awesome! Alone, she is already an inspiration with all she accomplishes. Together, she is a smart, detail-oriented ally whose enthusiasm is infectious. With Sam's guidance and support, I was able to take some of the most crucial actions I needed at the end of a long process of launching my high-impact business and self-mastery program for actors. For anyone who is looking for a coach and artist who walks her talk, I highly recommend Sam. She helped me break down my goals into smaller, accomplishable steps and it helped me accomplish more, more quickly. Further, I've seen her continue to make a name for herself by contributing value to some of our accomplished and no-nonsense peers.

Sean David Johnson ~ actor / filmmaker / headshot photographer

Perfection is the Enemy of the Good

Sam is the savvy, enthusiastic ally you don't realize you need till she's in your life. I tend to take on more than I should, and Sam has helped me prioritize. She is adept at offering concrete, actionable guidance and continually reminds me that perfection is the enemy of the good. I’ve come away from our sessions with a design for my year and a revitalized focus.

Albert Beniada ~ filmmaker

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From no job prospects to 2 competing offers

I owe Sam a big thanks.  She helped me to stay motivated when I was feeling lost, helped me realize my strengths and ambitions, and mostly allowed me to redirect my angst into the positive avenues where that energy was needed.  She is always positive and realistic, never pushy, and ultimately supportive of your needs.

Sam has a wonderful ability to ask the right questions and have you evaluate your goals.

Without her, my job hunt would have been a dismal half hearted attempt at hiding my inexperience.  Checking in with her every week had me out the door to explore new opportunities, make connections, and mostly let me realize that I can achieve the goals that I set.  Thank you.

Damien Garland ~ design engineer 

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