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Decluttering my way to the Oscars

My new declutter mantra is: "Is this in the way of my Oscar"? It's a bit tongue in cheek, but it helps me laser focus on what's actually important (to me). That craft project that's been on my shelf for YEARS feels hard to part with. I still have visions of myself hosting crafting parties where we make holiday cards, or sitting quietly on the couch one night with my embroidery, like a Jane Austen heroine. But the reality is that this isn't who I am, at least not right now. And that's okay, except for the part where I'm clinging to that idea of myself. Which is where the Oscar comes in. It stands for a lot of things I want for myself, creatively and professionally. And since it's easier to move toward a clear vision of something you want, than away from a vague sense of what's not working -- having that little gold statue as my go-to bottom line clarifies a lot. Suddenly, the fact that I'm not home embroidering because I'm out rehearsing, meeting casting directors, or attending film festivals feels absolutely right.

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