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Best Night Ever!

I shot my first short film last month, "Ella at the Library" a 5-minute story I wrote, produced, and starred in. It was AH-MA-ZING. We had the best crew, the best set, the best time. I worked my butt off in prep, finding the location, building the team, spending time in the location crafting a shot list with my DP and director, holding weekly phone calls to review the shot list and prep, completing all the SAG paperwork, and designing the props. But it all paid off when I showed up, arms laden with props and paperwork, and let my team do their thing. I got to go to makeup and hang with my co-star while they set up a jib and dressed the set. My good friend Mathilde ordered lunch and did coffee runs. Everyone pitched in in the most beautiful way, and I got to be an actor for the whole night. My AD watched the clock and made sure we completed the shot list. My director watched our performances and made sure we nailed the scene. My DP watched the screen and delivered beautiful sweeping shots on his jib. And countless others watched sound, lights, and all the million details that make a shoot run smoothly.

It was absolutely a team effort, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the good hearts and good hands who came out to work with me.

Now, on to editing!

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